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Memories of Thoroughfare Gap

We’re rediscovering some real gems in our collection!

Just about 7 years ago, Mr. Rick Campbell was kind enough to share his memories of the Chapman – Beverley Mill and the Broad Run, VA area with Turn the Mill Around Campaign representatives.  In this short clip from the interview, Mr. Campbell remembers the impact of hurricane Agnes and how Beverley Mill Drive in Broad Run, VA got its name.

Remembering The Battle of Thoroughfare Gap

Bud Hall Discusses the Battle of Thoroughfare Gap

Bud Hall Discusses the Battle of Thoroughfare Gap

Mr. Bud Hall explains the complexity and importance of the Battle of Thoroughfare Gap, August 28, 1862.

At the time this video was made, a cell phone tower was proposed to be be built on the battlefield.  Through the combined efforts of TTMAC, the Civil War Preservation Trust and other preservation-minded organizations and individuals, the tower was diverted thus preserving the historic viewshed of this significant site.

Keeping the Mill’s Walls Standing


Stabilizing the Chapman – Beverley Mill Walls


Turn the Mill Around Campaign faced a very big problem when it took over management of the Mill in 1998. The fire that year had left the walls of the structure fragile and in danger of collapse.  TTMAC contacted numerous companies about stabilizing the ruins, but each considered the walls too delicate to save.

Workers Installing Cintec Anchors

Workers Installing Cintec Anchors

Finally, TTMAC contacted Cintec, a preservation business known for stabilizing European castle ruins. Cintec devised a plan to strengthen the walls one at a time. Beginning on the South wall (the most fragile), Cintec workers drilled down through the wall from top to bottom inserting a strengthening rod and filling the void with a mortar-like substance.  The South wall was completed in 2004 and by 2006 the whole structure had undergone the Cintec internal anchoring system process!

For an in-depth explanation of how Cintec anchors work and how they’re installed, take a look at the stabilization of the Baltimore Basilica.

Chapman’s Mill Video

Beverley Mill copy

Turn the Mill Around Campaign recently uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel.  The video includes images – some of which we’ve never posted before -of the Mill both before and after the 1998 fire.  It also includes clips from some of our favorite Mill – related YouTube videos.

For this short piece we were excited to work with local artist Jiamie Pyles who provided our hauntingly beautiful soundtrack.

We hope you enjoy!

Have a photo of the mill you’d like to share?  We’re always looking for historic and modern images of the mill!  Contact Frances at

Inside a 19th Century Mill


Aldie Mill built circa 1807

Over 270 years after the Chapman – Beverley Mill was constructed there is still much to be learned about the structure.  Photos taken inside the building before the 1998 fire give us the best clues as to how the mill ground grain, but studying the inner workings of other mills in the area is also helpful.  Nearby Aldie Mill, built around the turn of the 19th Century, provides us with a great idea of how mills of this era worked.  Take a look at this video to see Aldie at work!

Bird’s Eye View of Chapman’s Mill


Dennis Frangipane

The full grandeur of Chapman’s Mill is difficult to capture, but this video does a pretty good job. Shot in February 2014 with a drone camera, your really get a feel for the immensity of the tallest stacked stone building on the continent, and for its setting snug in Thoroughfare Gap. A second YouTube video makes for some dizzying viewing. This one was shot in the summer. After checking out these two videos, make a point of coming to visit over to the Mill this weekend – nothing beats standing inside the imposing historic ruin, which is being preserved and made available for public viewing through the efforts of the Turn The Mill Around Campaign. Follow our tweets and like us on Facebook.