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Photos from the Mill


Photo shoot by Debi Parker Photography

Every year we have some great photo shoots that take place at the Mill.  Here are a few beautiful shots taken in and around the Mill by Debi Parker Photography.  Take a look at the full set HERE.

Interested in scheduling your own shoot?  Visit our Photography page!

chapmans_mill_004 chapmans_mill_005

Photos From Our Followers

In recent months, we’ve been very lucky, not to mention grateful, to receive several submissions from our loyal Mill followers.  Some are historic photographs, some are modern and some are works of art, but all are invaluable to us here at Turn the Mill Around Campaign.

Take a look at these great Mill photos and paintings!


Each new piece we receive proves that the Mill has remained an important and cherished landmark in our community.  Our thanks to all our contributors!

If you have a photo or work of art that depicts the Mill that you’d like to share, please feel free to email us at or post it on our Facebook page.

Rediscovered Photos Shine Light On Milling Operations

Recently, we were excited to find quite a few references to the Mill in the Prince William County Photo Archives.  Housed in the Bull Run Regional Library’s Ruth E. Lloyd Information Center (RELIC), there were over two dozen images of the Mill inside and out that we had never seen before.  The great folks at RELIC kindly scanned the photos – some of which we have included below.

The images, largely taken by Henry H. Douglas in the latter part of the 20th Century, provide a wonderful opportunity for us to better understand how the Chapman – Beverley Mill once operated.

Local History – Chapman’s Mill

This piece was originally posted by The Frosted Barn.  The Mill is especially photogenic in the Fall and Winter.  Be sure to keep us in mind for your upcoming photo shoots and make reservations by contacting us at

One of the best things about living in Northern Virginia is living in an area so rich with history. One of our favorite local spots is Chapman’s Mill (aka Beverly Mill).

The mill was built in 1742 and has an incredible history. The mill was burnt down in 1998 and is currently in a shell like state. I can’t imagine what it must have been like before the fire because even as it stands it gives you chills. Walking into a place where people lived over 200 years ago gets me every time. Add to that the mill’s involvement in the Civil War and the ambiance is even more incredible. You can read more about the history here:

Given that the mill was burnt down it was stabilized to preserve it in the state it stands now.

The addition of the railroad made Chapman’s Mill even more prosperous.

Lots of creatures to see too!

This is a structure that is behind the mill.


The Art of the Mill


B. Payden Photography session at the Mill, 2012

Over the years the Mill has remained a popular setting for photo sessions, and we’re always amazed by the beauty and creativity that we see in the images captured there.  Just take a look at this 2012 shoot by B. Payden Photography for tons of artistic inspiration!

So, to encourage the continued use of the Mill for such artistic endeavors,  beginning July 1, 2015 TTMAC will be taking reservations for 2016 photo sessions.  Sessions will be available during weekdays at a rate of $50 for four hours of access or a full day (dawn to dusk) for $100.

Contact Frances Allshouse for further information at

Keeping the Mill’s Walls Standing


Stabilizing the Chapman – Beverley Mill Walls


Turn the Mill Around Campaign faced a very big problem when it took over management of the Mill in 1998. The fire that year had left the walls of the structure fragile and in danger of collapse.  TTMAC contacted numerous companies about stabilizing the ruins, but each considered the walls too delicate to save.

Workers Installing Cintec Anchors

Workers Installing Cintec Anchors

Finally, TTMAC contacted Cintec, a preservation business known for stabilizing European castle ruins. Cintec devised a plan to strengthen the walls one at a time. Beginning on the South wall (the most fragile), Cintec workers drilled down through the wall from top to bottom inserting a strengthening rod and filling the void with a mortar-like substance.  The South wall was completed in 2004 and by 2006 the whole structure had undergone the Cintec internal anchoring system process!

For an in-depth explanation of how Cintec anchors work and how they’re installed, take a look at the stabilization of the Baltimore Basilica.

Chapman’s Mill Video

Beverley Mill copy

Turn the Mill Around Campaign recently uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel.  The video includes images – some of which we’ve never posted before -of the Mill both before and after the 1998 fire.  It also includes clips from some of our favorite Mill – related YouTube videos.

For this short piece we were excited to work with local artist Jiamie Pyles who provided our hauntingly beautiful soundtrack.

We hope you enjoy!

Have a photo of the mill you’d like to share?  We’re always looking for historic and modern images of the mill!  Contact Frances at

GigaPan Images of The Mill

Untitled-1 copy

Chapman’s Mill by Callan Bentley

Ever heard of GigaPan?  We first learned about it a couple years ago when photographer Callan Bently posted a Series of Hi-Res Images of The Mill to the site.  The clarity of the photos is really amazing!  Zoom in on an image and you can see each individual stone that makes up two of the walls of The Mill.  You can even explore the interior of the structure.  Such clear photos inspired TTMAC.  We are now working to produce a map of the Mill’s walls.  By Spring, we hope to share the map with you and launch an “Adopt-A-Stone” campaign.  All proceeds of the campaign would go toward the continued preservation of The Mill.  Stay tuned for more on this exciting program!