An Act to Create Fauquier County


One of the defining characteristics of the Mill is that is is located on the boarder between Fauquier and Prince William Counties.  But did you know that the Mill is actually mentioned in the 1759 Act that created Fauquier County?  Here’s and excerpt.

The act dividing Prince William specifically refers to Chapman’s Mill as a landmark:

     “that from and immediately after the first day of May next the said county of Prince William shall be divided into two distinct counties, that is to say:  All that part of the said county that lies above a line to run from the head of Bull Run, and along the top of Bull Run Mountains, to Chapman’s Mill, in Broad Run thoroughfare, from thence by a direct line to  the head of Dorrel’s Run …and from thence by a direct line till it intersects the nearest part of the line dividing Stafford and Prince William counties, shall be one distinct county, and called and known by the name of Fauquier…”


One response to “An Act to Create Fauquier County

  1. Harriet Williams

    Another mark of distinction!

    Harriet Williams
    Great-Great Grandaughter of
    Frances Alexander Chapman Williams

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