Understanding Milling Terms

Inside the Chapman - Beverley Mill (circa 1990)

Inside the Chapman – Beverley Mill (circa 1990)

As with all industries, Milling brings with it a host of technical terms that may or may not be familiar to the average person.  Some terms are straight forward having meanings that are fairly obvious . . .

Grain hopper: a hopper above the vat which holds the grain to be milled

Meanwhile others are a little trickier. For instance, you might assume that a ‘Mill bill’ is a statement that notes what a patron owes the Mill, but actually it is defined as ‘a chisel ended tool used for dressing or sharpening the grinding surface of a millstone.’  Here are a few of our favorite tricky terms:

Shroud: the rim of a water wheel which forms the sides of the bucket enclosures.

Shoe: a tapered trough that feeds grain into the eye of the runner stone for grinding and then between the two millstones.

Eye: the center hole in a millstone

Dresser: a person who works on the millstone furrows.  Also a name for the machine that bolts or sifts flour.

Read more Milling terms  HERE  and even more HERE!


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