Local History – Chapman’s Mill

This piece was originally posted by The Frosted Barn.  The Mill is especially photogenic in the Fall and Winter.  Be sure to keep us in mind for your upcoming photo shoots and make reservations by contacting us at chapmanmill@gmail.com.

One of the best things about living in Northern Virginia is living in an area so rich with history. One of our favorite local spots is Chapman’s Mill (aka Beverly Mill).

The mill was built in 1742 and has an incredible history. The mill was burnt down in 1998 and is currently in a shell like state. I can’t imagine what it must have been like before the fire because even as it stands it gives you chills. Walking into a place where people lived over 200 years ago gets me every time. Add to that the mill’s involvement in the Civil War and the ambiance is even more incredible. You can read more about the history here: http://www.chapmansmill.org

Given that the mill was burnt down it was stabilized to preserve it in the state it stands now.

The addition of the railroad made Chapman’s Mill even more prosperous.

Lots of creatures to see too!

This is a structure that is behind the mill.



One response to “Local History – Chapman’s Mill

  1. Having grown up in Warrenton in the pre-Route 66 years, I remember the mill and its landscape before it was altered by the road construction. There used to be an antique shop near the mill – I was a child so have no idea who owned/ managed it, but I would go there with my mother. My father always waited in the car! If memory serves me, the shop was loaded with goodies and I remember the owner being very protective of her wares! There also used to be a roadside picnic table ( Route 55 was not that heavily traveled then) overlooking the stream and rocks where we would go for a late Sunday afternoon lunch. This area is still one of the most beautiful in Northern Virginia; let’s hope that the every encroaching development is held at bay.


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