Preserving Our Archaeological Resources

Backhoe Test at Edge of Current Road

Backhoe Test at Edge of Current Road

Over the last few weeks we have received several questions about the impact that our upcoming site work will have on the archaeology at the Mill.  Moving bulldozers into an area with potentially significant prehistoric and historic artifacts yet to be unearthed is a frightening proposition, but TTMAC has been careful to make plans that will have the least possible impact on the Mill’s archaeological resources.  Here are two great examples of how the Campaign is working to preserve the site.

Bulldozing will only take place on the current road bed.  TTMAC will remove most of the current asphalt road before constructing its new parking and bus turnaround area.  Tests have been conducted along the sides of the road and have shown that the soil there has been previously disrupted, leaving no archaeological material.  

All-purpose trails will be installed by adding material to the ground level rather than digging down.  The result will be that artifacts that may exist just below the surface will be essentially encapsulated and available for later study.

We’re excited to see our Master Plan take shape this summer, but we’re equally excited to know that we’re preserving this invaluable historic resource for future generations!


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