Adopt a Stone

Adopt a Stone begins May 2, 2015

Adopt a Stone begins May 2, 2015

Since its construction in 1742, the Mill has weathered all manner of storms.  Economic downturns, wars, arson and even floods have all taken a toll, but through it all, the community has continued to value, cherish and protect this beautiful old structure.

TTMAC understands the important role the Mill has played in the community and now we want to share the Mill in a brand new way.

Beginning in May, individuals will be able to adopt one of the Chapman – Beverley Mill’s many stones.  Come out to the Mill on May 2 and 3 10AM to 5PM and make your selection of the stone or stones you would like to sponsor.  For this first event, only stones on the southernmost wall ( the wall that faces Interstate 66) will be available.  Prices will vary depending on the size and position of the stone, but will start at as little as $25 per stone.  In exchange, you’ll receive a certificate noting which stone you’ve adopted and a map showing the position of your stone.

As always, your contributions will help TTMAC in its ongoing mission to preserve and promote the Mill and its history.

So, mark your calendars for May 2 and 3.  We look forward to seeing you at the Mill!

Can’t make it to the event?  Online adoptions will begin shortly after the kickoff!  Contact Frances Allshouse at for more information.


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