Archaeology Map

Mill Site Map with Shovel Test Pits

Mill Site Map with Shovel Test Pits

Since our archaeological program began in earnest around 2010, our crew of talented volunteers has dug dozens of shovel test pits (STP’s) and logged an estimated 10,000 artifacts.  The site has produced a wealth of items dating from the prehistoric period through the late 20th Century.  In fact, the Mill has proved to be so artifact-rich our crew is still hard at work cataloging pieces excavated in the 2013 dig season!

In advance of our plans to install walking trails this Summer, we compiled the above map which illustrates the positions of the archaeological STP’s (marked by the red dots) in relation to other features.  Eventually, we hope to fill in the rest of the map by digging STP’s on a ten foot grid across the entire site.  Areas of interest identified by this initial study can be opened for further study and in-depth analysis.

To see some of the items we’ve uncovered, watch our video or follow us on Facebook!


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